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DIY Water Park

Jun 20, 2013 by     3 Comments    Posted under: activities with kids


This is a guest post from Mr Spiffy aka micahstubz.


We are fortunate to have an awesome play set in our backyard.  The kids love it.  In the Summer in Arizona it can get too hot to play out there though.  The kids often take the garden hose and run it down the slides or build streams and lakes in the rocks.  The other day I got a great idea! I have some drip line tubing sitting around because I’m always fixing the drip lines in our yard.  I thought, I wonder if I can hook the garden hose to some drip line and turn the play set into a miniature water park?  I quickly looked online to see what it would take.


After a quick trip to The Home Depot I returned with less than $10 worth of drip line connectors and sprayers.  The elbows and tees cost $0.99 each,  the Tee to Hose connector was about $2.50 and I bought a small pack of jet sprayers.  Already at home I had about 20 ft of 1/2″ tubing and plenty of the smaller tubing.


I basically created one big loop around the whole play set.  I then poked a few holes in the line and added some sprayers.  I was sure to place sprayers on each slide and along the bottom of the platform.  The best feature is 2 long skinny tubes on each side of the set that fly around erratically due to the water pressure and spray everywhere.  IMG_6579 IMG_6580 IMG_6583

The kids quickly learned to take control of these to spray each other.  Some cousins came over and they had a blast in our homemade water park.


  • meg..

    That is so cool!

  • MaStubz

    PRETTY SPIFFY! Kids + water = endless fun. A little kiddie pool under the platform would round things out nicely.

  • http://youtube.com/micahstubz Micah Stubz

    I’ve seen the kid car wash things and I originally envisioned this with pvc lining the whole play set but this was very quick and easy. The only tools needed were scissors and a little hole puncher