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Christmas Ornament Wreath

Jan 8, 2014 by     No Comments    Posted under: Christmas, crafts, Holidays

Have you done your after-Christmas shopping yet? Most places discount their Christmas items at least 50% right after Christmas and I saw everything Christmas at hobby lobby was 80% off this week! So now is a great time to shop for next year… especially if you want to make a big ornament wreath for your front door!

Up until last year, I had a big pinecone wreath that I loved but I was ready for a change. We hang colored LED Christmas lights on the front of our house, and I wanted something that would compliment them. I started this wreath last year by shopping for what I thought was enough ornaments. When I finally went to glue them on earlier this year, I figured out I didn’t even have enough to cover half of this wreath! It took probably about six or seven boxes instead of the three I thought it would. I ended up with about four different sizes of ornaments which made it nice to be able to fill in all the spaces.

Christmas Ornament Wreath

This wreath came together pretty quickly with a large styrofoam wreath form, lots of ball ornaments and a ton of  hot glue. When I had all my supplies, I chose an ornament, covered the parts of it  I wanted to stick to the wreath in hot glue and held it on the wreath form for a few seconds. Then I added the next ornament the same way trying to nestle all ornaments together as close as possible. I filled in small spaces with smaller ornaments or other accessories. I filled in the smallest spaces with red tinsel. To actually hang the wreath, I attached a quick loop of  ribbon with some strong glue. The wreath did end up being heavier than I thought it would be, but it hung all season long with no problems. Within a couple hours or so, I had a large, colorful, beautiful wreath that I’ve  been surprised to have gotten tons of compliments on.

Ornament Wreath


I looked at some ornament wreaths in stores and many of them hid top hanger part of the ornaments (so just the ball showed), but I liked the hangers showing. What do you like?